Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chart News: Week Of 4/25/2015

Rebel Heart (Album)
The Billboard 200: #41 (Up from #57)
Top Album Sales: #34 (Up from #43)
Top Current Albums: #34 (Down from #43)

Adult Contemporary: #18 (Holds)
Billboard Twitter Top Tracks: #12 (Up from #20)
Dance Club Songs: #41 (Debut)

Dance Club Songs: #49* (Down from #38)
Hot Dance / Electronic Songs: #27 (Holds)

* At its 14th week, "Living For Love" is Madonna's longest-running single on Dance Club Songs since "Give It 2 Me" in 2008, which also spent 14 weeks on the chart.

Bitch I'm Madonna
Hot Dance / Electronic Songs: #21 (Re-Entry)
Dance / Electronic Digital Songs: #11 (Re-Entry)


  1. So do you think the album got a little boost in sales this week or is it just the way the cookie crumbled on the Billboard 200 this week? Also glad to see BIM get some good exposure on the charts; guessing it has to do with the Jimmy Fallon performance.

  2. I read that sales were actually down by a bit this week even though chart positions went up. But the album got a big boost on iTunes during Fallon so something isn't quite adding up..

  3. Mr Rosado u are adorable... sales may hold steady..for the album.. what's the total sales by now 190k or so. ? I'm still wondering about GT ..guess they held it back again..