Friday, February 13, 2015

Chart Preview: Dance Club Songs (Week of 2/28/2015)

"Living For Love" moves up to #2 on next week's Dance Club Songs Chart! She's so close..!


  1. Yeeeess hopefully N°1 the week after! ;-)) Oh by the way I have a question..I'm outside us, Dance charts is a top40 or 50? She entered at 38 so I was wondering..

  2. The Dance Club Songs chart is a 50-position chart, with a 5-Position "Bubbling Under" portion called Club Play Breakouts (sometimes referred o positions 51-55, though not part of the official chart)

  3. Thank you for your answer! I get it now, so when LFL was N°1 in "breakthrough" it means it was 51 ;-) I was hesitating between 41 and 51 ;-)