Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It Looks Like "Living For Love" Has Peaked...

It's a hard pill to swallow, but it looks like "Living For Love" has peaked on U.S. radio. Airplay spins have been decreasing the last couple of days and it now looks like radio stations have started abandoning the track including heavyweights KIIS FM in Los Angeles and Z100 in New York. While this is very disheartening news, at least radio gave the song a shot, right? The general music-buying public is just not into this song as the iTunes figures have showed. Its iTunes position was never really climbing while the song was receiving its most substantial play, and has actually fallen since. Unless Guy O. and company pull a magic trick out of a hat, it looks like this is pretty much it for the song. At this point, we should celebrate the fact that Madonna scored another #1 Club hit, and that the song will appear on this week's Pop Songs chart for a decent week of airplay.

Looking ahead, this isn't a good starting point for whatever Madonna's next single it. Rumors are strongly pointing to "Ghosttown", which is definitely one of the songs with the biggest potential. It will be an uphill climb, though, and Madonna/Interscope would really have to work at promoting the song in order to even hope having a hit on their hands. At this point, though, don't be surprised if they focus most of their energy on the upcoming tour. Let's see what happens.

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