Monday, March 2, 2015

Chart Preview: Dance Club Songs (Week Of 3/14/2015)

Apparently, "Living For Love" has fallen to #2 on next week's Dance Club Songs chart after spending one week at #1, becoming her 44th #1 Dance hit (in case you've been living under a rock all last week and hadn't heard the news!). Reader 'zephyr66' points out an interesting chart fact that I wasn't aware of: Since January 2008, only 7 songs have made it more than one week atop the Dance Club Songs chart, one of which was Madonna's own "4 Minutes" back in 2008 (2 weeks at #1). Thanks for that! Seems like it's definitely a lot more competitive now.

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  1. Thanks :)

    I think the dance chart is pretty competitive now, but the other factor involved seems to be the nature of that chart. Since it has nothing to do with sales or airplay figures, the group of DJs selected to rank this chart appear to prefer a high turnover of songs, maybe so they can increase the number of artists who can say they have had #1 hits on this chart. I don't know if you ever kept your own charts (I know I used to) but it's a whole different situation when you can control which songs move up or down, as opposed to having to wait for the figures to roll in. It helps Madonna too, in that she has such a reputation among anyone who has been inside a club for the past 30 years, with the full remix treatment that she has consistently given to so many of her single releases. These are just my hunches anyway. Take care.