Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hits Daily Double: Chart Attack: Debuts Rule The Top 3

Madge Tops Album Chart, Empire Takes Sales Plus Streaming, Luke Takes #3 on Both

Live Nation/Interscope’s Madonna has topped the HITS Album Sales Chart with 116k, passing Twentieth Century Fox/Columbia’s Empire soundtrack in a photo finish. Season 1’s smash-filled ST earned 107k, locking it in at the #2 spot. The tables were turned, however, on the Sales Plus Streaming (SPS) Chart, where Empire snagged 128k to Madge’s 122k. An array of singles from the show helped power it to the top. Meanwhile, bowing third on both charts, Luke Bryan’s spring-break collection hog-tied 84k in album sales and 95k at SPS for Capitol Nashville.

What does this mean? Basically, since Billboard now incorporates streaming data and individual track sales into the Billboard 200, Madonna will most likely be #2 even though she actually sold the most albums this week. THUMBS DOWN. 

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