Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Ghosttown" Radio Update

Over the last 7 days "Ghosttown" has seen some some building radio play from many Adult Contemporary and Hot AC stations across the country. Leading the pack is WLTW in New York with 15 plays, followed by KKCW in Portland, KOSO in Modesto, and KPEK in Albuquerque with 11 plays each. A few Top 40 stations have also given the track a few spins. "Ghosttown"'s current Mediabase quick-cut airplay stands at about 3.586 audience impressions. While not anything groundbreaking, it's definitely a promising start. Hopefully this continues into next week.


  1. This is great news. I also heard "Ghostown" on the iTunes Pure Pop station. I'm sure those streams add to the single's billboard points total too.

  2. I love Madonna ...But its over now...Timing is unusually off ...these gaps between songs and videos with good Live performance's HELLO!!!!!! Unless she is not happy with her label or something... or she stuck in the 80s90s thinking anticipation works ummm NO ! Maybe now die hard fans are over her antics who knows.. I feel The Tour may be affected also..come on Madonna speed it up do what you do best being ahead of the old and new pack..